I grew up in Beaumont, Texas in a middle class family with a younger sister and a dachshund named Ginger. Although I have always been an artist, I didn’t really embrace this facet of myself until my late 20’s. I had the awesome opportunity to live on a sailboat for about 4 years traveling the Bahamas and the Caribbean with a brief hiatus in Puerto Rico.  While there, I was part of a husband and wife team commissioned to design, engineer and manage a restaurant/bar made out of a 50 year old wooden Dominican ship on the beach of the most exclusive marina in Puerto Rico, the Puerto Real Marina.  I also designed and co-managed a small art gallery/studio and juice/sandwich shop.  Eventually, I traveled back north to the Abacos, Bahamas where I designed and built my first island house. It was quite thrilling to do this on a remote out island in a foreign country where just about everything had to be shipped over from the states then ferried over from the main island. While I lived there I also created artwork from found objects on the beaches and sold them to many global island visitors.


The culture shock of coming back to Texas catapulted me into a radical shift in spiritual perception of the world and what my life’s purpose is within this concrete society.   This winding road of self discovery lead me to school in 2009 where I earned my first Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Interior Design.  Being the single Mom of 2 daughters (16 & 6), working 2 jobs and maintaining a full time school load was not easy.  I knew it would show my daughters anything is possible and the 4 years of hard work would be worth it. 


Currently I am an award winning Interior Designer and I absolutely love what I do.  I like to think I am creating an experience within a dwelling, whether it be a residential home or commercial business space, the experience is the main focus of my design process. By using techniques such as visual mapping, lean design strategies and a thorough understanding of the clients needs and wishes, a total living experience is accomplished. The unfolding of the design comes through an organic relationship between client and designer and it is one that will last a lifetime.


In my free time I am an avid Yoga enthusiast playing around with the idea of learning how to teach to others my love of yoga and all the benefits it has given me throughout my life.  I am a commissioned artist with work displayed in Galveston and the occasional art festival.  I am also a tango dancer and love the warm embraces of the multi-cultural tango community.

My Story :